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2 Heathenism: Modern Philosophies, Concepts, Views Andreas Mang 15.11.2014 figures online Paperback 978-1502400338 1502400332 €8,90 $9.99 £6.50 details buy at amazon
Kindle ASIN: B00PNVU1VE €3,69 $3.37 £3.40 details buy at amazon
1 Aufgeklärtes Heidentum Andreas Mang 23.9.2012 figures online
Paperback 978-1479279944 1479279943 €9,80 $11.99 £7.50 details not available now because of 2nd edition
Kindle ASIN: B009GWTQQW €3,69 $3.37 £3.40 details buy at amazon

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